CHF Mechanical Filters



MECHANICAL-FILTERS-ICONMechanical filter is an important part of the early stage of pure water pretreatment and water purification process. With filter media (silica sand, activated carbon, manganese sand, etc) inside to remove impurity, absorb oil etc, at last to reach filtration requirement. Mainly used to reduce turbidity in water, clean the suspended particle.

It is made of stainless steel or carbon steel, there’re different filter media, normally we have filters including, quartz sand filters, activated carbon filters and manganese sand filters.


It is widely used in pre-treatment phase for reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration, ion exchange system and drinking water filtration. Applied to,

  • Strong polar solvent filtration
  • Water Filtration, oil filtration
  • Food and beverage application
  • Decarburization application
  • Corrosive liquid application
  • Viscous liquid filtration
  • Chemical treatment

Features & Benefits

  • Efficiently remove sediment, rust, colloid, microbes
  • Easy to manage, low operating cost and durable
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Various micron choice meets different design requirements, high flow capacity
  • Widely applicable service environment

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon has a strong ability of physical absorption. Activated carbon filters are pre-treatment devices and widely used in water treatment equipment, it can be used for pre-treatment of reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and ion exchange system to increase equipment’s’ lifespan, it can also improve the quality of input water and assure the effective and stable work of follow-up equipment.

In water pre-treatment system, activated carbon filter can effectively absorb remained chlorine (exceeding 98%) which cannot be removed by former filters so that it can protect Reverse Osmosis Membrane out of oxidation. Moreover, it can remove small molecule organic compounds and other polluting substances, obviously absorb odour, colloid, pigment, heavy metal, etc.

Manganese Sand Filter

Manganese filter is mainly applied to remove iron and manganese in groundwater of high iron and high manganese areas, industrial water softening, and pre-treatment of desalted water.

The device uses the principle to eliminate the iron and the manganese of aeration, ion substitution, clarification and filtration. Presence of oxygen in air, Fe²⁺ and Mn²⁺ in water Oxidize to Fe(OH)₃ and MnO₂, which are insoluble in water. Then combine them with catalyst, absorbed and rejected by nature.

In addition to using a multi-stage filter, which can meet process requirements, effluent Fe²⁺≤0.3mg/L,Mn²⁺≤0.1mg/L, is in line with national living standards for drinking water.