M05 CT Series


The M05 CT is specifically designed for cooling tower applications. This special controller has a customized version of the standard M05 software, redesigned to enable the setting of biocides, inhibitor and feed on a 28 day cycle controlled via conductivity only or redox and conductivity measurements.


Back-light graphic display

  • Multi-power supply: 100..240 Vac
  • Hysteresis and delay time adjustable for each set-point
  • 1 Alarm point for each set-point
  • 1 Alarm relay
  • RS232 connection with galvanic separation for remote control
  • Flow sensor input
  • Level probe input
  • Temperature compensation and visualization
  • SD card for data storage and downloading (opz.)
  • Power supply: 100…230 Vac
  • Wall mounting box IP65 protection degree
  • Dimensions: 202 x 201x h135 mm

Conductivity Range: 0-19.99 mS (K=1)

Conductivity Redox Range: 0-19.99 mS (K=1)  – 0-1999 mV

Resolution Conductivity: ± 1%

Conductivity Redox Resolution: ± 1% ± – 0.01 mV

M50CT Datasheet