M10 Measure & Control


M10 instruments series is top quality solution for those applications that requires the simultaneous measurement of up to 4 parameters plus temperature. These controllers are designed for water treatment system were a multiparametric instruments is mandatory, to comply with technical needs and local regulation. The M10 inherits all the feature of the M05 series; can be remotely controlled via PC or GSM modem, can store data into SD card upon customer request.


  •  Wide graphic backlighted display 192×64
  • Power supply: 100…240 Vac
  • Hysteresis and delay time adjustable for each set-point
  • 1 Alarm for each set-point
  • 1 output relay for the alarms
  • RS232 / USB connection with galvanic separation for remote control via PC (Micon software)
  • GSM modem connection
  • Optional: slot for SD card (not included)
  • Flow sensor input
  • Level probes input
  • Temperature visualization and compensation
  • Dosing time alarm
  • 1 timed output relay for maintenance (probes cleaning)
  • 4-20 mA proportional output, one for each measure, with selectable range and galvanic separation.
  • Frequency output, one for each measure, with selectable range and galvanic separation.
  • 4 set-point with free contact relays,ON-OFF or proportional in pause/time mode (PWM).
  • Available versions

3 measures + temperature visualization

4 measures + temperature visualization

pH Range: 0-14.00 pH

pH Resolution: ± 0.01 ph

mV Redox Range: 0-1999 mV

mV Resolution: ± 0.01 mV

CL Chlorine Range: 0-10.00ppm

CL Chlorine Resolution: ± 0.01 ppm

TB Turbidity Range:  0-20 NTU | 0-200 NTU | 0-1000 NTU

TB Turbidity Resolution: ± 0.01 NTU

Oxygen Range:  0-0.200 ppm

Oxygen Resolution: ± 0.01 ppm

Temperature Range: 0-100.0°C

Temperature Resolution: ± 0.1 °C

M10 Datasheet