M20D+ Measure & Control


The M20D+, direct evolution of the M20, adds a second measure along with the display.
The available configurations are: Ph-Redox, Ph-Chlorine, Ph-conductivity. All with Ph priority functionality.


  • Microprocessor SMD technology
  • Backlight MICON display
  • n.4 free contact relays output (2 for each measure), selectable On/Off or proportional time/pause  (PWM)
  • Set-points with selectable reverse mode, hysteresis and adjustable delay time
  • 4-20 mA output (1 for each measure) selectable or proportional to the set-point value or on measure range (recorder) with galvanic separation
  • Flow sensor input
  • pH priority
  • Power supply: 100…230 Vac
  • Wall mounting box IP65 protection degree
  • Dimensions: 202 x 201x h135 mm

Model : M20D+ PH/RX

Range: 0-14.00 pH  – 0-1000mV

Functions: Measure control and regulation of pH, Redox (ORP) and temperature visualization.

Model : M20D+ PH/CL

Range: 0-14.00 pH  – 0-10.00 ppm

Functions: Measure control and regulation of pH, Chlorine and temperature visualization.

Model : M20D+ PH/CD

Range: 0-14.00 pH  – 0-10.00 mS *

Functions: Measure control and regulation of pH, Conductivity and temperature visualization.

M20D+ Datasheet