Oceanic & Lagoon Filter Cartridges


Meltablown Micron Filter Cartridges

oceanicThese are popular liquid filter cartridges that have multiple layers of Polypropylene fibre, with the strong innermost layer acting as a supporting core. The cartridges are extruded as a single piece construction filter. The larger particles are trapped on the outer surface and form a pre-cake. The smaller particles as trapped the liquid passes through the depth of the filter. These filters work on the principle of depth filtration, offering a gradual rise in pressure drop across the life of the cartridge.


MMP is one of the largest manufacturers of these cartridges in India. These cartridges are manufactured in the 3 layer configuration for gradient density filtration. This provides for a controlled pressure drop and effective utiliza- tion of the cartridges.

The LAGOON brand of cartridges are low weight cartridges and are meant for a variety of Industrial Applications. The oceanic cartridges can be manufactured in different weights (120 gms per 10” to 200 gms per 10”). As the density of the PP in the cartridge increases, its strength and efficiency also increases.

Micron Rating

MMP melt blown cartridges are offered in standard micron ratings of 1, 5, 10. On request, customized micron rating (0.5 Mic – 100 Mic ) can also be provided. The cartridges are of nominal rating with an efficiency of 88-90%.


Water Treatment (R.O.Pre-treatment), Food & Beverages, Mineral Water, Oil, Petroleum, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Adhesives, Paints, Links & Dyes, Sugar Industry, etc.