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So Pure Enterprises is the supplier of world renowned and trusted water and waste water equipment and products namely from DowProtec Arisawa, Pentair, MMP, Pulsafeeder, CHF, Micon and Watts. So Pure Enterprises is the Sole Agent of MMP products in all the GCC, middle East countries and Iraq.

So Pure Enterprise uses MMP products: the best manufacturer of high quality microfilter cartridges and RO products from India. These indigenous products are carefully researched and developed with high quality standards to match the industry requirements.

Yarn (Wound) Filter Cartridges (Hydro wound)

hydrawoundMMP Yarn hydrowound filter cartridges are designed to meet a variety of industrial processing needs and provide an exceptional quality media filer option.

Yarn hydrowound filter cartridges are manufactured with increased filtration capacity, longer lifetime and higher performance that reduce overall costs. They have high structural integrity combined with lower pressure drop, much improved dirt holding capacity and efficiency compared to other filter cartridges. Yarn hydrowound filters are made of FDA grade Polypropylene yarn, a recognized environmentally safe recyclable material for purity and ease of disposal.

In a yarn hydrowound filter cartridge, each of the filaments continues, without a break, throughout the length of the yarn, making the cartridge free from any media migration problem. There are no short fibers that can come loose and migrate, a common problem with conventional string wound filters. Each yarn also traps the randomly protruding short loops of adjacent yarns resulting in a highly stable media structure providing an excellent knife edge sealing property fluctuations, the new cartridge is more resistant to particle unloading.

These cartridges are available in removal ratings from 0.5 to 100 micron and in length of 10”/20”/30”/40”.

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Melt Blown (Spun) Filter Cartridges (Oceanic and Lagoon)

oceanicMMP Melt Blown Cartridges are developed to provide consistent filtration in a wide range of liquid process application. The tortuous path created by melt blown microscopic fibers and fixed pore structure provides efficiency integrity and optimum particle retention from process stream.

Melt blown filter cartridges has redial fibers which distribute gradiently and gradually becomes loose from inside to outside. The outside layer is coarse, providing enough dirt absorbent reducing the filter resistance, ensuring enough rigid structure. The inside layer is fine which clogs the smaller particles and ensures the filter precision.

These filter cartridges are being manufactured by using high purity polypropylene resin which makes it free of surfactants, anti-static agents, binders and adhesives. Thermally bonded fiber matrix provides rigid dimensionally stable construction without fiber migration. These cartridges are available in removal ratings from 0.5 to 100 micron and in continuous length of 4 to 50 inches.

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